Beyond Barefoot The Next Chapter Review: It’s a Barefoot Celebration!

Beyond Barefoot is a special 10-year anniversary PDF that was written for barefooters that pre-ordered the new Barefoot Kids book (released on Novemer 8th 2022). This exclusive chapter has three new date nights, a brand new bucket and it’s fantastic.  Read on to see why.

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OK, let’s get started with the verdict and what MM thinks of Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter.

Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter Verdict

I’m a Scott Pape tragic. I read his Barefoot Investor book in 2017 and it changed my life.  I reviewed the book here and I also spoke about the impact it had on my life here.  And I look forward to Scott Papes weekly columns, I was a member of the Barefoot Blueprint and I will read anything he writes.  And I will buy anything he sells.  I can’t help myself.

The original barefoot Investor book was a revelation and The Barefoot Investor for Families was a nice iteration of that.  And after 10 years, Scott Pape is introducing some new ideas into his Barefoot repertoire.  I didn’t know what to expect but after ready the new chapter, I’m really excited and I agree with Mr. Pape, this is one of the best things he’s ever written. Introducing three new date nights, a new barefoot bucket, and two new product recommendations. It is a fantastic evolution of the Barefoot Investor framework that all fans will appreciate.  

Unfortunately, Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter won’t be available to available for those that missed the pre-order incentive.  Read on to get some highlights.

Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter Summary

The Barefoot Investor book was first published in 2016.  In the time since writing the book, Scott Pape’s life has changed. Since losing his farm and starting fresh, he has had four children and his perspective has evolved.  He references other famous self-help books, such as Atomic Habits and The subtle are of not giving a F*ck to frame these new ideas within his new date nights.

Create Atomic Money Habits

These new ideas help evolve some barefoot concepts as Mr.Pape is now older and wiser.  It’s not just about saving in buckets and being conservative with your money.  Scott Pape reinforces the Barefoot steps, but then he shares his own “money rules”.  These are rules that lets him “short circuit” his decision-making process to build atomic money habits.

After outlining his own money rules, which are really interesting. Mr. Pape hands the power back to the reader, to create their own money rules. This is fantastic, and it empowers readers to not just save.  Create your own framework, and create your own atomic habits with money. Life is for living, have some fun with your money and with your money rules, trust yourself. 

The New “Tread Your Own Path” Barefoot Bucket

And then Scott Pape asks the reader to envision themselves in 10 years’ time (2033).  What does the future look like?  How old are you?  How old are your kids?  What job are you doing?  And from there, write down one thing you have always wanted to do.

Maybe you want to live in Italy for a year?  Travel the World?  Go to Disneyland with your family? Whatever that is, start a new online saver bank account and transfer $1 into it. This is the first step to making this dream a reality. And then name the account after your Tread Your Own Path Goal (like “Disneyland trip”). 

Beyond Barefoot New Bucket
The new Beyond Barefoot Bucket – Start with $1 and Tread Your Own Path

The new Tread Your Own Path Barefoot bucket is brilliant. 10 years is a long time but when you have kids or live a busy life, 10 years go fast and you can wonder where did the time go.  And our big ideas, dreams, and goals can pass us by.  The new barefoot bucket is a visual reminder that good things are coming.  Your dreams and goals are possible, you have a timeframe to achieve that goal (2033), you have a bank account and now you have Mr.Pape in your corner.   Now get to it and start working towards making your dream a reality.

Final Thoughts

Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter was such a fun, exciting read.  Having re-read the original book so many times, the new date nights make sense and bring to life, things I’ve been thinking about.  How can you be financially free, pay a mortgage, and be responsible with your money but still enjoy your family and build experiences with them?

I enjoyed the chapter but also wished there was more to read.  My summary doesn’t do justice to the latest barefoot chapter. I look forward to the reaction from other barefoot devotees and I am already putting plans in action to start my new date nights and share this information with my wife. And when I’m in Disneyland with my family sometime before 2033, I’ll be sure to send Mr.Pape a postcard, thanking him for the unforgettable experience.

M. Moneyman 


What is Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter

Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter is a special 10-year Anniversary of Scott Pape, sitting down with his wife at a Romsey Pub and sketching out the Barefoot buckets.  This chapter is a PDF exclusive that will never be sold in a bookstore and was only available by pre-ordering the new Barefoot Kids book.

How can I Get Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter

In early October, Scott Pape sent an email out to his loyal disciples that a new Barefoot kids book was on the way.  This was great news for all fans of Scott Pape.  Interestingly, if two or or more copies were pre-ordered, an exclusive companion chapter to the Barefoot Investor called Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter would be included as a bonus PDF.  It is unclear if this PDF will ever be offered in any other way from Scott Pape.

What is New in Beyond Barefoot: The Next Chapter

The new chapter is a celebration of the original Barefoot Investor book.  And to recapture that “winning feeling” from when you first read the book, Scott Pape has created three new Barefoot Date Nights and a new Barefoot bucket.  He even recommends some new products and he also included some other PDFs to help you on your journey. 

What Are the New Barefoot Date Nights?

The three new date nights are:

  1. Review the Barefoot Steps and see which step you are on.
  2. Create your own Money Rules
  3. Tread your Own Path (Looking towards the future)

Can I Download Barefoot Beyond: The Next Chapter from Your Website?

MM wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing the pre-order incentives that Scott Pape sent out. I’m sure at some point, they will be made available from official channels via the Barefoot Investor.

You Barely Mentioned the New Barefoot Kids Book… What Gives?

MM bought two copies of the Barefoot Kids book and is debating whether he gives them to his children now or for Christmas. He’s excited to read the book himself as it looks great and has that Barefoot feel to it. And MM can’t wait to see how his kids react to it. Stay tuned for that one.

What Is the New Product the Barefoot Investor Recommends?

Famously, Scott Pape recommended the Dunpillo in the first Barefoot Investor book. In Barefoot Beyond, he recommends two new products that will help you live like a Billionaire. One of the products is already sold out online, and I don’t want to spoil what these products are. It was a very funny part of Beyond Barefoot…


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