Capitalist Manifesto Review: Robert Kiyosaki’s Greatest Hit

The Capitalist Manifesto is the latest book written by Robert Kiyosaki. It comes almost 25 years after his multi-million bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad. Kiyosaki is a financial contrarian and he offers unconventional advice. Such as “why save money when governments are printing trillions in fake money?” Kiyosaki is back with what is his most political, divisive, and interesting book yet.

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Capitalist Manifesto: The Verdict

Robert Kiyosaki’s Capitalist Manifesto is a sprawling epic. The new book expands on his Rich Dad mindset and financial framework. It explores various concepts of capitalism and freedom through quotes and economic history. Fans of Kiyosaki will find many valuable financial insights in his typical style.

Kiyosaki also expands his Rich Dad Poor Dad story, along with extensive detours into his time in the Marines. He provides great details about his thinking, his journey, and his life as an entrepreneur.

The Capitalist Manifesto is a Must Read for anyone into “fringe finance”. It’s a no-brainer for fans of Kiyosaki’s later books or his Rich Dad video channel.

Finance beginners, if you have only read Rich Dad Poor Dad, this could be a little difficult and jarring to read. If you are up for the challenge, there are so many great ideas, it could still be worth a look. It’s a personal finance book that is big in scope and size.

Is the Capitalist Manifesto Worth Reading?

The Capitalist Manifesto is worth reading for anyone into fringe finance. Kiyosaki’s latest book provides new insights into financial independence and freedom.

Robert Kiyosaki can be seen as an old crank, but he is a rich old crank and his insights are valuable and educational. He will not deliver the same re-heated opinions found in mainstream media. His contrarian take is always thought-provoking. And he pushes you to look beyond what you know. To challenge your beliefs and never stop learning. That is why the Capitalist Manifesto is not your ordinary finance book.

The book is written in a simple style but it takes you on a journey. This ensures that all readers can understand the message and not get lost in economic jargon. And in typical Kiyosaki style, his content rewards repeated readings and analysis. With so many interesting ideas and insights, it reads like Kiyosaki’s greatest hits. Or his greatest hit. It is the culmination of the Rich Dad story and is worthy of your time and money.

Capitalist Manifesto: Three Action Points

The Capitalist Manifesto has it all. US financial history, quotes and Kiyosaki’s reminiscences of the time he was on Oprah. Along with images of his samurai ancestry (for real!). With so many interesting ideas, here are three actionable points you can take away from the book. Please consider this an entree, a snippet of what can be found in the book. And I encourage you to read the book for more of Kiyosaki’s big ideas.

The Three Sides to a Coin Principle

Kiyosaki argues that in an insane world where everybody wants to be right, it isn’t worth arguing. The best way to approach any situation is to stand on the edge of a coin and decide what is best for you. There are three sides to every coin – heads, tails, and the edge.

Capitalist manifesto kiyosaki three sides to every coin

Most people prefer to talk with people that share their opinions, which is human nature. But our minds are elevated when we discuss opposing points of view. That is why standing on the edge of a coin, for any idea or debate is important. The edge is intelligence. Your intelligence grows when you are able to listen to another point of view and learn from it. Even if you disagree with it.

This three sides to a coin principle is then applied to the Rich Dad cash flow quadrant. You can stand on the edge and decide if you want to be in the E and S quadrant. This means you become a specialist like Kiyosaki’s poor dad and become a “brain slave”. Or you can trade security for freedom, and migrate to the B and I side. The “warlord” side, and fight for your freedoms. This is the rich dad side of the coin.

Overall, the principle of three sides to a coin can apply to everything in life. Learn from all sides and never believe your side of any idea or argument is 100% correct. Choose intelligence over arrogance. Always stay on the edge of the coin. Intelligence is the ability to see both sides of the coin, gather information, and then act.

The Shadow Banking System Can Drive Boom and Bust Cycles

There are financial forces at work that 99% of people are not aware of. Kiyosaki understands macroeconomics and he knows when markets are moving. A deep financial education in the macro will help you make better decisions in the micro. But some macro forces, like the shadow banking system, are out of anyone’s control. If you are aware, all you can do is prepare for the next “black swan event”.

capitalist manifesto kiyosaki shadow banking system

Kiyosaki discusses the repo markets and the shadow banking system. The Shadow banking system is as scary as it sounds. It makes up 30% of the financial system and it is largely unregulated. Shadow banking can drive boom and bust cycles. Every day investors have little visibility and no control over these systems. These forces crashed the market in 2008. Kiyosaki believes the system has only gotten worse. He outlines how “the shadow banking system has only grown into an even bigger, king-kong of a Frankenstein monster”.

“The shadow banking system has only grown into an even bigger, king-kong of a Frankenstein monster”

Robert Kiyosaki

If forces this bad can destroy your portfolio or life savings, why is no one talking about it? Kiyosaki and other fringe finance commentators are. These insights can help you become aware, prepare and invest smarter. This information can help you avoid the next financial calamity that could be coming.

Teach Capitalism at Home to Escape the Rat Race

Robert Kiyosaki is a financial educator. He created his CASHFLOW flow board game in 1996 after he achieved financial freedom. The game is an advanced version of monopoly. It’s described as “Rich Dad’s Capitalist Tool for teaching lessons on money, investing and capitalism in our homes”. The game was designed to teach ordinary people about money.

capitalist manifesto kiyosaki cashflow board game

The core Rich Dad concepts are in the game. You can live your life in the “rat race” and struggle your entire life financially, like Kiyosaki’s Poor Dad. Or you can make better financial decisions, invest and live on the “Fast Track” like his rich dad.

Teaching financial education in the home will enhance Financial IQ (FIQ). Financial concepts such as escaping the rat race, passive income, and financial statements are not taught at school. Teaching capitalism at home can be as simple as playing games like Monopoly. Or the Cashflow board game. Or even hearing real-life stories of how some have achieved the American dream are inspirational. Luckily, Kiyosaki has assembled some amazing interviews on his supplemental Capitalist Manifesto page. It is well worth watching.

Key Takeaways

The Capitalist Manifesto is an engaging remix of Kiyosaki’s core Rich Dad concepts. But taken to another level. The book reads like a Jordan Peterson book as it takes you on a journey. It references finance experts like James Rickards and George Gammon. But also uses historical quotes from Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, and Karl Marx. These and other quotes apply today and are interesting and eye-opening.

The Capitalist Manifesto is about more than how to make money. It’s about freedom, the future, and how capitalism is the way to escape any dire future scenarios. And ultimately, Financial education is the key to everything you will ever need. You need to stand on the “coin edge”, never rest, and keep learning every day. That’s the way Kiyosaki does it.

Let me know what you think. Feel free to drop in a comment or go back into the Moneyman archives and read the Rich Dad Poor Dad review with Insights.

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