UBank Review: A Fresh Approach To Banking and Money Management

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In this UBank Review, discover why UBank is a fresh alternative to everyday banks. UBank provides a non-traditional banking solution, a fantastic money management app, and unique cards to tap every day. And best of all, UBank keeps everything super simple and easy to manage from an account, app and … Read more…

Frollo Review: The Simply Excellent Money Management App


In this Frollo Review, discover why Frollo is a simple but excellent money management App that is completely free.  The Frollo app gives you a complete view of all of your financial transactions.  Simply connect your bank accounts, loans, credit cards and superannuation accounts, create and manage budgets, set financial goals and achieve financial independence. 

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Are Frequent Flyer Credit Cards Worth the Time and Money?

frequent flyer credit cards

Frequent flyer credit cards present an opportunity to gain rewards by simply spending money.  Australians love these programs as they earn points and exchange them for cheaper flights or electronics, gift cards, or fashion from frequent flyer stores.  But what is the actual dollar cost of taking part in the program?  How much does any “free” item cost?  We discover the true cost of frequent flyer credit cards.

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How to Prepare for Increasing Cost of Living Pressures in Australia 

Cost of living main

Cost of living in Australia is hard to ignore when you feel it every day.  The cost of everything is increasing. Housing, petrol, food, and clothes.  It’s becoming a daily battle of not spending and prioritizing expenses as household budgets are being blown to smithereens.  The inflation rate is 6.1 percent – a 21 year high, so what can we do about it? And how do we prepare for the ongoing cost of living pain?

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WeMoney Review: The Best, Free Budgeting and Personal Finance App

WeMoney Review

In this WeMoney review, discover why the WeMoney app is the greatest free way to manage your personal finances in one place. It’s more than a simple budget tracker, it focuses on financial wellness and touches all aspects of your financial life.  Securely connect your bank accounts, superannuation accounts, investment portfolios and track your net debt and net wealth.  It does it all.  Please read on and see if the WeMoney app is right for you in the Moneyman review. 

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Kogan Mobile Review: An Easy Way to Save Money


In this Kogan Mobile Review, learn why Kogan Mobile is fantastic value. The phone plan is cheap and reliable, very flexible with lots of data and great coverage. Mailbox Moneyman has been using Kogan Mobile for over 2 years and believes that it is a great service at a fantastic price. But it may not be for everyone.  In this post, this Moneyman review will cover the Kogan Mobile plans 365 day plan and see how I saved $760 a year on mobile bills. And how you can do the same with a Kogan mobile plan. 

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Save Money with Tax Return 2021-2022 Tips You Need to Know

tax return 2021

Tax return time is a beautiful time of year. The air smells fresher when you know you’re probably going to get a tax refund. When your income tax return appears in your account, it feels like free money even though it was yours to begin with. You can pay off a debt or buy yourself something special. You deserve it. Unfortunately, the ATO are preparing to crack down on various types of claims in 2021-2022. The party-poopers. Don’t let them ruin tax time for you, learn what they are targeting to maximise your tax return 2021-2022.    

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Pocketbook App Review – May 2022

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The PocketBook App is the best way to manage your finances by creating one simple view into all your transactions.  Connect your bank accounts and credit cards, create budgets and achieve your financial goals.  Mailbox Moneyman has been using the Pocketbook App for over 2 years and it has honestly been life changing.  Read on and see how it can help you save money, spend smarter and get ahead. 

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