The George Gammon Portfolio: The 10/80/10 Strategy

The George Gammon Portfolio is a thing of beauty and simplicity.

This successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and macroeconomic expert has it all figured out. George has set up his personal investing portfolio using what he calls the 10/80/10 asset allocation rule.

In this article, we take a look at how George manages his personal portfolio. And we learn what assets he allocates in his 10/80/10 portfolio and what he is super bullish on at the moment.

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Who is George Gammon

George Gammon is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and macroeconomic expert. George is a self-made millionaire and is now semi-retired. In recent years he has become a YouTube influencer via his Rebel Capitalist channel. This is a must-watch channel where George reports on the latest macroeconomic and financial news. And he interviews top finance experts like Robert Kiyosaki and Lyn Alden.

George Gammon is legit, and he has a deep understanding of finance. He often provides valuable insights into his own personal approach to investing. And in this case, he recently discussed his 10/80/10 portfolio in detail. Let’s take a look.

George Gammon Portfolio – 10/80/10 Asset Allocation

The 10/80/10 asset allocation is what George personally uses for his investments. It’s a simple way to manage a portfolio and is a great insight into how George invests and his approach to investing. Let’s take a look at the first part of his portfolio.


10% is the Insurance Policy

George allocates 10% to physical gold as his insurance policy. George believes that it’s very important to compartmentalize your portfolio. So when you’re buying an asset, that asset has a specific purpose and the purpose isn’t always for the price to go up.

George offers some insight on why he has 10% in gold.

“…With gold, its price can go up, down, whatever. I don’t care as long as it’s maintaining its purchasing power relative to goods and services. Or it’s giving me that call option if we have nuclear war or something like that.”

George doesn’t care about the price of gold. He says that he’s buying it and doesn’t plan on selling it ever. This “insurance policy” helps him sleep at night as it will keep up with the rate of inflation and maintain its purchasing power over time.

How George Gammon Buys Gold for His Insurance Policy (10%)

When George wants exposure to physical gold, and he may not have anywhere to store it, he will buy the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS). This trust invests and holds physical gold bullion. George uses this fund and believes they have great products. And it’s the perfect way to invest in a liquid asset that is backed by physical gold.

80% are Income Generating Assets

George allocates 80% of his portfolio to assets that will pay him to own it. As George sees it, if you are getting paid with 80% of the assets that you own in your portfolio, it never puts you into a position where you’re a motivated seller.

George offers this take on his 80% allocation.

“As long as you’re continuing to get paid the amount that you expected when you made the purchase to begin with. Who cares what the price does? I’m not selling”

George considers himself an amateur, and not a professional investor by any stretch of the imagination. So as an amateur, he wants to “Stupefy” his portfolio to the greatest extent that he can. George wants that money to roll in via real estate, ETFs, and stocks that pay dividends.

10% are Speculative Assets

George allocates 10% to speculative assets. That’s where he makes bets that are “asymmetric”. And he thinks are cheap relative to their prices related to inflation or they have got a lot of tailwinds. And there’s far more upside and there’s downside. And at the moment, uranium is at the top of George’s speculative list.

How George Gammon Buys Uranium for His Speculative Asset (10%)

When George buys Uranium, he’s a big fan of Rick Rules Sprott Physical Uranium Trust (SRUUF). George believes that he doesn’t “…know a better way to go long on uranium than the Sprott physical uranium trust.” As the trust invests and holds its assets in physical uranium.

While we’re talking about Uranium, let’s see why George is so bullish on Uranium.

Why George Believes Uranium is a Good Investment

When it comes to speculative assets, uranium is numero uno for George. He doesn’t believe there is an asset that he likes better for the speculative side of his portfolio. Let’s take a look at what George thinks about uranium.

“I think Uranium is something I would like to buy and hold for 15 years. Don’t pay any attention to it. And then 15 years from now, I’d take a sneak peek.“

George is “wildly bullish” on uranium. He believes there is an extremely high probability that while it’s trading at around $13 USD right now, he doesn’t see why it wouldn’t go to $75-100 USD. Especially when you look at the supply and demand dynamics.

When Will George Make a Uranium Investment?

George sees massive tailwinds for uranium long into the future. That is 10-15-20 years down the road. But George isn’t making any investment decisions yet. He believes there will be some ”economic turbulence” in the near term. He is happy to be patient and do nothing. And just watch and see if the price goes down a bit.

George mentions the upcoming economic turbulence and the yield curve Inversion. Catch up on what George calls the economic tsunami warming system in this Moneyman post,

Once that yield curve is no longer inverted, and if the uranium price goes down, he will have a great buying opportunity. And even if it doesn’t go down, he knows he doesn’t need to worry about that inversion anymore, and he can start to “nibble and build a position”.

George reports that the mainstream media has changed its tune on uranium. America’s first new nuclear reactor in seven years starts operation in Georgia. This will power an estimated 500,000 homes with clean energy. Countries are waking up to the power of Uranium as new reactors are being built around the globe. And George believes it will surely be the first choice for clean energy in the future.

Final Thoughts

George Gammon is an interesting and valuable voice in the fringe finance movement. He deconstructs difficult concepts and simplifies macroeconomics. He is an educator and his take on investing is fantastic and worth paying attention to.

That is why the George Gammon Portfolio of 10/80/10 asset allocation is simple but logical. And his thoughts on Uranium are also insightful. George thinks long-term, is slow to invest, and aligns his portfolio to macro thinking. He is one to watch to keep up to date via his Rebel Capitalist YouTube channel.

If you enjoyed this article or you are a fan of George and his 10/80/10 portfolio, drop me a comment below.

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