The Great Silver Bull Review: Ultimate Silver Investing Guide

The Great Silver Bull is the complete guide to silver. It’s the perfect introduction for any investor looking to profit from this precious metal. Providing a framework to build your own silver investment portfolio.  Learn why silver is uniquely positioned to benefit from inflation and is set to soar. It’s all here in this fantastic book by Peter Krauth.

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Great Silver Bull: The Verdict

The Great Silver Bull is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about silver.  It’s highly recommended for any investor with even a slight interest in silver.  Krauth makes the case for silver with a multitude of facts and figures.  Describing silver as “Ideal money” and the “King currency” while paper money continues to lose its value over time. He also lays out the history, the real-world use of the metal, and the huge potential for investing in the future. And most of these facts would be unknown to most investors.  This makes The Great Silver Bull more interesting and valuable for any investor.

The Great Silver Bull is a Must-read for any investor even slightly interested in Silver.

Krauth explains why silver is a “generational opportunity” to profit from events most will not see coming. He provides a framework to build your own silver investment portfolio. With actionable advice on signals within the market, how to invest in silver and most importantly, when to sell. It gives you everything you need to confidently get into the silver bull market.

Is the Great Silver Bull Worth Reading?

The Great Silver Bull is worth reading for investors who are looking for financial alternatives outside of the standard 60% stocks and 40% bonds mix. The book is a comprehensive and valuable resource on silver. Especially for investors who look beyond mainstream finance media to get an edge in their investing.

Peter Krauth has been writing about silver investing for over 20 years. He is an expert, visits mines, and contributes articles and interviews for Forbes, Kitco, and various other sites. He has poured his passion for silver and all his expertise into this book. The end result is a fantastic resource with actionable insights to get you interested and investing in silver.

The Great Silver Bull: Three Takeaways

The information in The Great Silver Bull covers every aspect of the precious metal.  Krauth starts with silver’s crucial role throughout history. He works through the silver market history, market manipulation, mining, and various other topics.  No stone is left unturned to give you the complete picture.

The Great Silver Bull is split into five easy-to-read sections, all packed with charts and actionable insights. It was difficult to choose only three points that I found the most interesting.  There is so much in the book, I recommend you read it in detail to really understand Silver and to get the most out of the information.

1. Silver Preserves Your Purchasing Power

The Great Silver Bull sets the scene with the history of silver and why it matters today. Krauth does a deep dive into governments, central planners, and modern monetary theory (MMT). This information will be mind-blowing if you aren’t aware of the impact of inflation, “shadow stats” and M2 money supply.

Krauth elaborates on the “financial shenanigans” that impact the financial system. The insight provided in the opening sections are real eye-openers. And it’s not something most financial media will cover. But it’s important to know. And it sets the stage for why commodities like silver are so important to your portfolio.

Why You Should Invest in Silver

The reason why you should invest in silver is visible in the following chart. It illustrates the gradual decline of purchasing power in the US.  And other countries are not immune as everyday items cost more, your dollar buys less and you lose more and more of your purchasing power. This is called inflation.

Great Silver Bull - Purchasing power of the U.S. Dollar
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As you can see, the US dollar has lost more than 95% of its purchasing power since 1913. If you had $100 in 1913, it would buy you less than $5 of goods or services today. As your “paper money” loses value, silver can hold its value and can even gain value over time.

Krauth lays out the case in detail. Paper currency will continue to lose its value as Governments keep printing money. Inflation will continue and Governments are participating in “deliberate subterfuge”. Goods and services we consume, along with the taxes on them continue to rise. That is why paychecks have grown over the last 40 years, but they don’t buy more than they used to. And workers continue to be “losers”. But how do we become winners in this scenario?

Become a Winner with Silver

Krauth explains that silver and silver-related investments are uniquely positioned to thrive in this inflationary environment. Commodities like silver are very sensitive to inflation. This can lead to rapidly rising silver prices. Ultimately, silver can be used as a way to store and preserve your wealth. It has almost always outperformed gold in a bull market. Silver is an unmatched investment for profits going forward and is set to hit $300 over the next few years according to Krauth.

2. Silver is in Demand & Used To Combat Climate Change

Silver is a precious metal but it is used for more than just jewellery and collectors coins. Silver is a multipurpose metal that has many uses, with new applications always being developed.

The most interesting fact about silver and its future demand is that it has a crucial role in the green revolution. More silver is being used in environmentally friendly technologies than in conventional ones. For this reason, the Silver Institute predicts that within four years, the greatest industrial demand for silver will be for solar and the automotive industry.

Great Silver Bull - Silver use for Automotive Industry
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Silver Use in EVs and Solar Panels

Modern cars use hi-tech computer systems and battery technology. Silver is a crucial component of that and the silver demand is forecast to rise by 50% by 2025. Hybrid and electric vehicles require more silver than a standard vehicle. This will further elevate the demand for silver as we move into a green future.

It seems like most homes and buildings are installing solar panels. And solar panels are the single largest industrial application for silver. It’s estimated that 10% of the annual world silver supply is consumed by solar panels alone. That is a huge number that is expected to grow.

Green revolution resources like lithium, graphite, and cobalt often get investors excited. But what about silver?  It’s rarely mentioned which is good, as it’s a resource that isn’t on the radar for most investors. The global transition into more renewables and electric vehicles will simply require more silver. The demand for silver will only increase, along with all the other uses and emerging applications. The “green economy” can only increase the silver demand and create an ideal scenario to make some gains from silver investments.

3. The Blueprint for the Ideal Silver Portfolio

People are waking up to the fact that money has been created out of thin air for decades. And in the last couple of years, money printing has rapidly increased. Investors are realizing that hard assets can help protect them from a devalued currency. And big opportunities in silver are available for investors that can spot them.

Krauth explains the silver market, its history, economic and political backdrop. This all leads to the next logical step, how to invest in silver. Krauth covers this using his Silver M.A.P. System. This is an easy way to set up and manage your silver investments.

Great Silver Bull - The Silver M.A.P. System

The Silver M.A.P. to Get Started:

This is how it works:

  • Silver: buy physical silver for Wealth protection, as a form of insurance.
  • M – Miners: for leverage over the silver price. If the silver price escalates, investments in silver miners and explorers will give you extra upside.
  • A – Allocate: for diversification. Spread your holdings across several silver companies at various stages of the mining cycle. This will reduce your risk.
  • P – Profit: Making sure that you manage your gains and take profits.

This framework is great for beginners who don’t know where to get started.  Krauth explains how he builds his ideal silver portfolio to limit risk and maximize investment returns. And with decades of experience and history on his side, Krauth also details his “Four Silver Peak Clues” for when to sell. The Silver Portfolio Blueprint outlines what to buy, how to manage it, and when to sell. This is invaluable for any silver investment beginner and a fantastic way to leverage Krauth’s experience within the market.

Final Thoughts

After I read this book, I was honestly excited about silver investing. Krauth acknowledged all of the things that worry me about today’s market. Such as inflation, money printing, and resets of global financial systems. And he provided ideas and insights on how to combat them with silver. The information was informative, actionable, and simple to understand.

Silver can be seen as a speculative asset for old guys. And many people aren’t interested in precious metals like silver.  The Great Silver Bull helped me understand the importance of silver in my portfolio. And I can see the potential of silver in the future. All thanks to this fantastic silver guide.

Since reading The Great Silver Bull, I have invested in silver miners, digital and physical silver. I follow silver markets and I even enjoy silver stacking videos on Youtube. Peter Krauth says that “silver is your chance to survive and thrive in the next crisis”. After reading the book twice, I wish I had read it earlier. And I wish I had that knowledge when I started investing years ago.

It’s a great book and worth your time. Let me know what you think.   

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