Jordan Belfort ‘s Safest, Best Investment in the World

In a bear market, would you take advice from a Wolf? How about “The Wolf?” Every second day alarm bells are ringing with fear of a stock market crash, a housing crash, a global recession or even World War 3. While the list of other potential catastrophes goes on.  Unfortunately, every alarm bell is linked to your wallet and financial future. So what should you do?  Well Jordan Belfort has a few ideas, with one of them being what he considers the “Safest, best investment in the world” at the moment in 2022. Why not check in to see what he has to say?

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Who is Jordan Belfort (And Why Should You Care?) 

Jordan Belfort is an entrepreneur, ex-con and most famously known as the real Wolf of Wall Street.  He became a stockbroker in 1987, he started his own firm in the 1990’s and made a stack of cash via “pump and dump” schemes to inflate stock prices. He lived it up with expensive toys, cars, yachts and mansions. Eventually developing a serious drug habit, he went to prison for four years. After which he wrote his bestselling book The Wolf of Wall Street which was made into a movie by Martin Scorsesse in 2013. It even had Leonardo DiCaprio in it. HUNK! 

Despite the ups and downs in is life, Jordan Belfort in 2022 has come good. He’s a minor financial celebrity thanks to the movie (The Wolf of Wallstreet) and he’s still out there, giving advice, speaking his mind and making a ton of money.  Jordan Belfort’s networth is estimated at $100 million as he travels the world as a motivational speaker. So when Jordan sat down for a chat with Dave Rubin, a few wise words were spoken by the Wolf. 

Top 6 Insights from Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is not shy about giving his opinion. And as an interviewer, Dave Rubin is not afraid to ask big questions. With all the issues surrounding America (and the world) at the moment, Dave asked some pointed financial questions of Jordan to gauge his optimism and give some of that motivational positivity to his audience on the Rubin Report.  

Jordan’s Best and Safest Investment in the World

When asked on what is the best investment in the current times, Jordan made it nice and simple and gave “the safest, best investment in the world for anybody”. 

You want an investment tip?  Ready? Just buy the s&p 500 in a vanguard no load, mutual fund, hold it, reinvest the dividends and just set it and forget it. And that is your best bet of all.”

Jordan Belfort

Why Jordan is Bullish on America

Jordan is confident in his best and safest investment advice because he’s bullish on America. He knows who is running the investment game but he is also amazed by the system and the people that find success within it. 

The 500 largest corporations, they’re running this show anyway.  They’re behind this whole military industrial complex, I mean, they’re in charge and what you’re doing is you’re buying the collective ingenuity of Americans.”

“For our faults, the system is amazing. What we have here is an economic system. It’s powerful.  It rewards hard work and rewards ingenuity. And unlike other countries where success is frowned on, standing out is frowned on, here we worship and we emulate, we elevate people who have taken risks and made a lot of money. “

Why Jordan Thinks Everything Will Be Okay

Despite all the negative press on the economy, Dave asked Jordan to re-assure his viewers that everything is going to be okay even if they are worried that it’s not.  Jordan was very straightforward in his response. 

Oh no, I think everything’s gonna be okay. Let’s see what happens. Even if there is a recession, they say there will be a 3% contraction of the economy. What does that really mean? So if you make $50,000 last year and then suddenly your income goes to $48,500 you’re still paying your rent. You’re cutting back a little bit but you’re still living.”

“I think, like what happens is people that are living empowered lives, people that are willing to work hard and put one foot in front of the other… You’re going to be okay.”

“There’s always a path forward to make money, to live a great life, to be empowered in this country in the United States, right? It just makes it a little bit harder. Instead of having a tailwind, you have a little bit of a headwind but that’s it – just peddle faster.”

Simply, no matter what happens, you can work it out, adjust and be fine. It might be a little more difficult but Jordan says it perfectly, you may just need to “peddle faster“. But that won’t be a problem for those that are empowered and willing to put in the work.

“…people that are living empowered lives, people that are willing to work hard and put one foot in front of the other… You’re going to be okay, 

Jordan Belfort

Jordan’s Answer to Life’s Problems

…Make a boat load of money.

When Jordan got out of jail and was saddled with a huge fine, he wasn’t going to evade the fine. He was willing to pay it even though it was 25% of his income. Jordan knew what he had to do, and he did what came naturally.  He got to work with his trademark attitude and decided…

“I’m just gonna make so much fucking money. That the 25% won’t even be pimple on my ass. And that was my attitude. I will make so much money. I’ll just pay that. Win Win. For everybody how”

jordan belfort boatload of cash
Did someone say “boat load of money?”…. Toot Toot

Be the Master of Your Destiny 

Ultimately, Jordan believes if life gets tougher, you need to work harder and you’ll be fine. 

“So if the world gets a bit tougher, if politicians create a playing field tilted against you, just pedal that bit faster. … And where you are in your life, you can’t control what happens randomly, but you are the master. You’re running your ship. You’re the master of your own destiny. You have the ability.”

You Can Always Get Ahead in This World 

And as long as you’re living and breathing, you can improve where you are in life.     

“You can always get ahead. And I think that all of this stuff is noise. It’s disturbing. You can worry about it. Yes, but it will stop you from living an empowered life. That’s a story that you tell yourself as an excuse, because you’re not willing to do what it takes to get what you want in life.”

“I firmly believe that it’s a story that you tell yourself. Saying, ohh man, it’s the government, it’s the economy. It’s my parents... or It’s the news.It’s all a story. And once you stop with that story and learn what you have to learn, go out there and do what you got to do. You can get ahead in this world.”

Jordan Belfort: Key Takeaways

Jordan Belfort is optimistic, confident and knows no matter what life throws at him – he will be fine. Where there is a will, there is a way. He survived prison and bankruptcy and he is still so positive. I love his attitude and I can understand how he’s a motivational speaker, hearing him speak with such enthusiasm is fantastic.  

My super fast, key takeaways are: 

  • Anyone can get ahead in the world 
  • No excuses, reduce the noise, work hard and you will be fine. 
  • Invest in the S&P500 Index Fund (or Index fund local to you like ASX200 for example) and re-invest the dividends.

This was a great interview, you can watch it via this link. And while you’re there, subscribe to Dave Rubin’s YouTube channel, and read his books. He’s amazing too. 


I really enjoyed this interview with Jordan Belfort for a couple of reasons. Dave Rubin asks great questions, but also, Jordan’s hard work ethic and no complaining attitude reminds me of another financial work horse Phil Miraldo, who I covered earlier on the blog. These self-made financial successes are very motivating and a great learning opportunity.

And the Wolf of Wallstreet is into Indexed funds and re-investing, great to know for the passive investing/FIRE crowd that is into generating Mailbox money. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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