Kogan Mobile Review: An Easy Way to Save Money

In this Kogan Mobile Review, learn why Kogan Mobile is fantastic value. The phone plan is cheap and reliable, very flexible with lots of data and great coverage. Mailbox Moneyman has been using Kogan Mobile for over 2 years and believes that it is a great service at a fantastic price. But it may not be for everyone.  In this post, this Moneyman review will cover the Kogan Mobile plans 365 day plan and see how I saved $760 a year on mobile bills. And how you can do the same with a Kogan mobile plan. 

Here’s a quick overview of what will be covered in the post. Simply click on these quick links to jump straight to different sections. 

Alright, let’s get started with the verdict and what MM thinks of Kogan Mobile. 

Kogan Mobile Review: The Verdict

The Kogan Mobile Plans 365 phone plan is cheap and reliable, with flexible plans, lots of data and great coverage.  It’s fantastic value and a simple way to save money on your mobile plan. 

MM Recommends the Kogan Mobile Plans 365 Day Plan. In 2 years, I saved $1500 on mobile phone bills.  And I signed on for another 2 years.  And really, that says it all. 

Can You Trust Kogan Mobile?

Kogan is a known online brand with over 4 million shoppers in 16 years of business.  Not only does Kogan sell TVs and electronics, but they now sell insurance and mobile phone plans.  As the business evolves, it focuses on delivering value and making the brand a first choice for anything within Australia.   

But can Kogan deliver a worthy mobile service against the likes of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone?  Well, yes it can.  Please keep reading. 

What Mobile Plans Does Kogan Offer?

Kogan has various prepaid mobile Plans that are cheap and flexible. You can pay monthly, or annually for the 365 plan and save more. The plans range from $10 a month with 10GB of data and unlimited calls and texts to $30 a month with 80GB total and unlimited calls and texts.  

Kogan also has a Starter Pack for new customers, starting at $2.90 for a month with 20GB of data and unlimited calls and texts, and they have student plans and international roaming plans.  

Mobile handsets are available for purchase from Kogan too. They have everything you need which makes things easy. Kogan has a simple mobile product suite, catering for all users at a cheap price. 

Does Kogan Offer 5G Plans?

Kogan has a 5G Network trial available for free and it can be accessed with a 5G compatible phone on selected plans. This is only available in selected areas of major cities for the bigger data plans (Large 45GB a month and Extra Large 80GB a month).  

The free trial ends on October 26th 2022 and the network will revert to 3G/4G. And Kogan is sure to make 5G plans available soon after. 

The Kogan Mobile Plans 365 Day Plan Review: Is It Any Good?

The Kogan 365 day plan is fantastic. Having used the Small 365 plan for over 2 years, I have easily saved over $1500 in that time. I don’t need to budget for phone bills every month and I haven’t had any issues with the service. I just re-signed for another 2 years and the price is even cheaper and I get more data than before.  

Why Did I Decide to Move to Kogan Mobile Plans 365 plan?

I first signed onto Kogan Mobile over 2 years ago. I was on a Telstra plan and it was expensive (around $75 a month with 2 GB data). The Telstra mobile network was amazing, it never dropped out and I could get reception anywhere.  I was paying top dollar and my only complaint was that I was paying top dollar.  After my financial apocalypse and awakening, I started to re-evaluate my spending and looked for a cheaper plan.   

I was already a big fan of Kogan as I had bought a few products from the Kogan website.  With no real experience with Kogan Mobile, it felt like a gamble moving to a plan that wasn’t with the big telcos. I was a little worried about paying upfront for a plan that may not be very good. But I trusted the brand from my previous experiences and decided to give Kogan Mobile a try.  

My experience with Kogan mobile has been great with no real issues. I have no intention of changing my mobile plan and I’m going to move my wife onto a similar plan. I can’t justify paying more than $10 a month for a mobile plan ever again.  

Kogan Mobile Network Review

Kogan Mobile uses the Vodafone network.  From my experience, the mobile network works perfectly and Vodafone continues to update and improve its mobile networks.  Kogan is trialing a 5G network and an annual Opensight report in June 2016, showed that Vodafone network users have a 4G signal 88.48% of the time, compared to Telstra customers at 88.06% of the time. This puts Vodafone and Telstra in the same ballpark for mobile network reliability and coverage. 

Personally, my reception wasn’t great on the Vodafone mobile network last year. It started off good, but not as good as Telstra. Then it got worse and worse. It got to a point where I had to stand outside in my backyard for important calls.  I was considering changing back to Telstra.  

Luckily, I upgraded my old phone to a Google Pixel, and that solved the problem. The mobile reception was perfect. Whenever I hear someone saying the Vodafone mobile network is rubbish, I ask them when they last upgraded their phone. I haven’t had any issues with the mobile phone network since.  I am very happy with the service and wonder if the phone being used is ever considered when reporting bad mobile networks. 

How Can I Review the Kogan Mobile Phone Coverage?

Vodafone has a Network Satisfaction Guarantee and a handy link to check your network coverage. Simply follow this link and input your device type and your postcode, and Vodafone will tell you what the coverage is like in your area from 3G to 5G – indoors and outdoors.  


How to Get Started with Kogan Mobile

You can get started with Kogan mobile in three easy steps: 

  • Get a Kogan SIM Card 
  • Choose a prepaid plan 
  • Activate your SIM and transfer your number to the SIM 

There are various ways to get a Kogan SIM card. When you purchase a Kogan mobile plan, a SIM card can be sent out to you. Or you can simply buy a SIM card on its own and recharge it, or buy one from a local 7-11 if you need it quickly. Kogan now has a digital eSIM where a physical SIM card is not required, and you can get connected in minutes.  

Assuming you already have paid for a plan, or you have a SIM and are about to pay for a plan. The next step is to activate your SIM on Kogan.

This is where you create a mobile account with Kogan, verify your identity, transfer your existing number if needed, and pay for your plan if you haven’t already. This process takes a few minutes and then you are all set. Transferring your existing number to Kogan can take a few hours, but it is usually relatively quick.  

When your account is created, you also get access to a Kogan Mobile portal, where you can view your account details, usage history, payment methods, and other details. This is handy to manage data usage and to check your plan if needed.  

Review of Kogan Mobile Support

Kogan has a help center with knowledge base articles to help resolve simple issues or a phone number for extra support. The knowledge base articles are helpful and should help resolve most of your issues while having a direct line to a person is great. It’s not unusual for budget providers of a service to hide the numbers or make it hard to find on the site to discourage contact. Kogan mobile support is easy to find, and available to ask for support between 8 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week. 

On a side note, having used Kogan mobile for over 2 years, I have never had any issues and had a need to call the support team. It’s great to know the support is there if needed, but it’s nice to know the service is simple enough and works well enough, to not need any support. 

Kogan VS Amaysim and Other providers

There are so many mobile providers out there, all using various mobile networks.  You can try them out, but I went with Kogan because I know the brand, I have bought items from Kogan.com.au and I have had a good experience every time.  Kogan was less of an unknown and I was willing to take a small chance on their mobile plans.  Luckily it worked out and I saved money doing so.  

However, I couldn’t tell you a thing about the other providers. There are so many providers, it could be risky and it would require some research. Kogan was a nice, easy, and lazy way to try an alternative.     

Final Thoughts

The Kogan Mobile plans 365 day pre-paid plan is fantastic value with a great network and lots of data.  With the cost of living going up by the day, changing to a Kogan mobile plan is a simple way to save money.  I’ll keep using Kogan mobile because I’m a very happy customer and I will encourage others to do so.

I hope you enjoyed my Kogan Mobile Review. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

M. Moneyman


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