Sergio Aragones Greatest Money Making Quote for Financial Inspiration

Sergio Aragones is a prolific creator, artist and entrepreneur. He made millions contributing his drawings to Mad magazine from 1963 to 2020, where he described himself as “Doodler in Chief”. His wordless gag drawings were universally funny and used for magazines, books and TV. As a freelance artist that didn’t speak English, Sergio Aragones has been hustling since he made his first peso drawing cartoons in grade 3. He’s always been a cartoonist and a businessman, read on to learn about why he’s a Moneyman “Finspiration”.

Who is Sergio Aragones?

Sergio Aragones is a Spanish cartoonist and writer most famous for being one of the usual gang of idiots at Mad Magazine, contributing marginalia and “A mad look at…” strips. He is also the creator of Groo The Wanderer, a dumb version of Conan in Medieval times, known for mindless destruction and a love of cheese dip.  

Aragones arrived in New York in 1962 with nothing but 20 dollars and his portfolio of drawings. With his heart set on being a cartoonist, Aragones went to the Mad Offices hoping to sell cartoons. After he made his first sale of astronaut gag strips, he was encouraged to submit more material “in the future”. Aragones saw a huge opportunity. He worked all night and returned to the Mad offices the following morning and made his second sale. They couldn’t believe that he had close to 15 ideas to show them and they loved it. 

Sergio Aragones drawing for money

Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer

Groo the Wanderer debuted as a creator-owned character by Sergio Aragones in 1982. The Conan inspired parody was owned by Aragones and went through various Publishers over the years. From Pacific Comics to Image comics and Dark Horse. Striking out with a creator owned character was always a risk but Aragones stuck with it. Teaming up with writer Mark Evanier, together they continue printing the adventures of Groo the Wanderer to this day.

By owning the character, Aragones has negotiated a film/TV deal for the character. Aragones has a dream to make Groo the Wandered a household name. This is a huge deal in a world where C-list characters drive popular TV shows and movies. Groo the Wanderer has the potential to be a big hit.

What can we learn from Sergio Aragones?

What makes Sergio so special? Sure, he is hilarious but he is also serious. He can see opportunities and he works fast to take advantage of them. Sergio was an entrepreneur in New York and couldn’t speak English. He didn’t take anything for granted. His passion for cartooning, his drive to achieve his cartooning dreams was obviously on display. And he never disappointed his employers.  

In those early days, Sergio Aragones had no money and no connections in America. Aragones was so entrenched at Mad Magazine, the publisher let him sleep overnight in the office. But Sergio wouldn’t sleep. This was another opportunity he wouldn’t waste. Aragones would spend the night poring over the original artwork at Mad. He would study mountains of pages, gaining inspiration and knowledge. This was fuel to keep him working harder, to learn and channel that into his own work. Failure was not an option. His work ethic and single minded focus are unbelievable and inspiring.

Sergio Aragones drawing caricatures for money

Key Takeaway

Sergio Aragones is over 80 years old but still an engaging, inspiring artist with amazing stories about his life from Mexico, to America and around the world drawing his unique cartoons. He’s not a classic financial Independence guy, but he is financially independent and an entrepreneur. As a freelance cartoonist, his words can apply to any professional role, career or opportunity.

You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

Sergio Aragones

What Next?

I suggest reading any of his classic cartoons they reprint in Mad magazine, or his Sergio Aragones Funnies books. The Funnies detail his life as a struggling cartoonist which is fascinating. Or just take note of this amazing video interview with Cartoonist Kayfabe. And feel free to check back on the original Finspiration post of Financial legend, Robert Kiyasaki.

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