Spacer Review 2023: A Great Way to Make Money

Spacer is a fantastic app to make money by renting car parks, garages and rooms to store items. The spacer website lets you create a free listing to earn passive income with your free space. Mailbox Moneyman has been using the service for over 3 years and has made over $2500 dollars so far. See if the service could work for you in the Moneyman review.

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Spacer: The Verdict

Spacer is a fantastic service that connects people to spare spaces. It’s free and easy to list and once you receive a booking, Spacer guarantees your monthly payments. It’s as simple as list, rent and forget as money appears in your bank account every month.

MM highly recommends Spacer, as he has used the service for over 3 years and has made over $2500 dollars. Anyone with spare space should list on Spacer, which is free and make a little extra money.

Please read on for more details on Spacer along with some tips for using the service.

What is Spacer

Spacer is an Australian app founded in 2015 to create an Airbnb for parking and storage. The app connects people with space (a host) to people who need space (a Renter). The intention is to let anyone rent a space or car park through the site and make some money from it.

The website caters to “storage” or “parking” across Australia. With over 30,000+ garages, storage units and car spaces available on the platform.

How Does Spacer Work?

Listing on Spacer is quick and easy. List your unused car park or storage space in under 5 minutes, and follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Take some great photos of your space and measure the dimensions.
  2. Create a spacer account and list your space. Write a detailed description, attach your photos and include your contact information.
  3. Accept a reservation request that suits you. Then organize the storage and receive payment into your bank account every month.

The process to list and accept offers is very smooth and Spacer staff is on hand if you need any help.

Spacer Review - The spacer Australia car storage screen

What Can I Store Using Spacer?

You can store big items such as a car, caravan, boat or trailer. Smaller items such as furniture, boxes of clothes or office documents are fine too. Anything that requires storage can be stored using the Spacer website.

Is Spacer Safe?

Spacer is completely safe and it has a Trust & Safety Policy. There are three safeguards in place to ensure that the host, the renter and the property are all safe.

  • User Safety: All users of the Spacer site must be registered. They must confirm their identity via email and phone accounts. All messages are sent through the site to ensure personal details are confidential.
  • Renter Guarantee: Spacer provides a “Spacer Goods and Property Guarantee”. This is valued at $5000 to cover potential theft or damage.
  • Host Guarantee: Spacer offers a Guaranteed Payment to the Host for one month. This is equivalent to one monthly payment or $400, whichever is lower. This helps protect the host in events such as non-payment from a renter and abandonment.

How Much Does it Cost to List on Spacer?

Spacer is free to list your unused space on the platform.

How Does Spacer Make Money?

Spacer charges 23% (including GST) of the total fee for parking and/or storage from the Renter.

For example, a Host that rents their space out at $100 a month, will collect $100 a month into their bank account. The renter will pay $123, and Spacer will collect $23 of that amount every month.

How Much Can I Earn Using Spacer?

Your free Spacer listing can earn you an average of $300 per month. This amount will depend on the state, location and size of the storage area.

The majority of the listings on Spacer are car parks and they can range from $70 to $1000. While storage can range from $100 to $700. Here is a rough guide on how much you can earn using Spacer.

Type of SpaceAmount/Month
A lock-up Garage$200-$300 a Month
A Spare Bedroom$150-$200 a Month
A Shed$100-$150 a Month

This Spacer calculator can help estimate how much your space is worth.

How Can I Track My Spacer Earnings?

Track and manage your Spacer earnings using the impressive Spacer dashboard. The user interface is clean and simple to use. It has high-level stats and total earnings, which is great to see. And there are opportunities to get your friends involved and earn more money.

Spacer Review - Spacer Dashboard and Earned Amount

Why Would Someone Rent My Space?

Storage is always in demand. Spacer provides an inexpensive alternative for people that need space and storage. Particularly for people that don’t want to pay top dollar storing an old car for example. Or they want to store a van, or building supplies close to a specific area with no storage facility nearby. Spacer solves most storage problems with an inexpensive solution for renters.

Is It Worth Using Spacer?

Spacer is worth using if you have spare space at home. It unlocks passive income opportunities by letting renters use that unused space. The service is versatile and any space can be listed and rented on the Spacer website.

It’s worth taking some photos and creating a listing. Then it’s quite possible that someone might be interested in renting your space.

Tips for Renting Your Space Using Spacer

Mailbox Moneyman has used Spacer for over 3 years with 2 different renters. The service has been great and the people I have rented my space to have been really nice.

Here are a few tips from my personal experience that might help you when renting your space.

1. Confirm the size of the vehicle/item with the renter

It’s important to have the correct dimensions of the storage space on the spacer listing. When the space is booked and the Renter contacts you, confirm the size of their item. And make sure it will fit into your space. This will avoid any issue of spaces being too small for an item like a car or boat.

This scenario has happened twice before. Where a potential renter booked my space and called to organize vehicle drop-off. I asked them to confirm the size of their vehicle and it was too big. Luckily, it’s easy to cancel the space with no financial impact on anyone. But it is still worth checking dimensions to avoid any issues.

2. Recommend covers or protection for outdoor storage

If your space isn’t a sealed area like a room or garage, l would suggest that the renter cover their stored item. The wind and rain can damage and dirty the item, especially if it is a vehicle. A cover is recommended to keep the item safe while it’s stored on your premises.

3. Long-term car storage – a jumpstart will be required when the booking ends.

Renting long-term car storage means that a vehicle will be towed or driven to your space. If the vehicle was driven to your space, you may have an issue when the booking ends. Unfortunately, the car battery will probably not work and it will need a jump start. There are two options in this scenario:

  • Own a pair of jumper cables or a battery jump pack. Then you can help the renter jumpstart their car and recharge their battery.
  • Let the renter know they will need to bring a jump pack or organize some help to make sure their vehicle will start.

4. Be open to other opportunities.

Potential renters use Spacer to solve their storage problems. And they may call you up to discuss your space with specific requirements they have. The listed space may not be exactly what they need. But that conversation may open up other opportunities.

For example, a potential renter needed a bigger space than the one I had listed. He also needed facilities for storing fridges, milk and a coffee van. My listed space wasn’t right for this storage problem. But I did have a garage that wasn’t listed. And I thought maybe that could be used instead. Or maybe that garage could be cleaned up and listed on Spacer for other opportunities?

There are various opportunities out there if you want to be creative and open to ideas.

Spacer Review: Final Thoughts

Spacer is a fantastic way to make passive income from your unused space. I personally had a covered area that was used to store bikes and gardening supplies. I cleaned the space, took some photos and listed it on Spacer. Within a couple of months, this dead space was rented and I was making $90 a month. I have rented the space for over 3 years and every month, the money hits my bank account without any issue. My advice to you is to create a listing, be open and see what happens. Spacer is an amazing service and it’s highly recommended.

Give it a go and let me know how you went!

M. Moneyman 


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