Tony Locantro 2024 Mining and Energy Stocks to Watch

Tony Locantro Mining 2024 stocks to watch

Tony Locantro is an investment manager and small-cap expert. He is the Eddie McGuire of small-cap mining and energy stocks. He’s on almost every show going and in his 2023 wrap-up, Tony discussed his top mining and energy picks for 2024. And he even declared two as his best stocks … Read more…

Tony Locantro Stocks for 2023

tony locantro stocks 2023

When Tony Locantro gives you his stock picks for 2023, you pay attention. He’s been advising on small-cap equities since 1998. He has a deep knowledge of junior mining, biotech companies, and the band Pearl Jam. He recently spoke to Martin North on his DFA channel and gave his 2022 year-end wrap-up. And he also gave his top biotech and mining stock tips for 2023.

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