Barefoot Kids Review: The Ultimate Headstart for Kids

Barefoot-Kids-SUmmary-ANd-Review-the ultimate head start for aussie kids

Barefoot Kids is the latest and greatest book in the Barefoot Investor series from Scott Pape. It provides a “Head start” for Aussie kids in life and money management. In 6 steps and 45 inspiring stories, we learn strategies to build confidence, start a business, and manage money. This Epic … Read more…

Beyond Barefoot The Next Chapter Review: It’s a Barefoot Celebration!


Beyond Barefoot is a special 10-year anniversary PDF that was written for barefooters that pre-ordered the new Barefoot Kids book (released on Novemer 8th 2022). This exclusive chapter has three new date nights, a brand new bucket and it’s fantastic.  Read on to see why.

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Barefoot Investor Book Review and Top 5 Insights

barefoot investor book review

The Barefoot Investor book is a life changing read for any financial beginner.  In 9 easy steps, it provides a simple framework to follow and succeed that is not overwhelming.  From date nights, bank accounts, superannuation and beyond.  If you only read one book to begin your financial education, this … Read more…