Capitalist Manifesto Review: Robert Kiyosaki’s Greatest Hit

Capitalist manifesto review kiyosaki

The Capitalist Manifesto is the latest book written by Robert Kiyosaki. It comes almost 25 years after his multi-million bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad. Kiyosaki is a financial contrarian and he offers unconventional advice. Such as “why save money when governments are printing trillions in fake money?” Kiyosaki is back with what is his most political, divisive, and interesting book yet.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Review: + Four Big New Insights Discussed


Robert Kiyosaki is the Sergeant Pepper of Financial Independence.  Where the Beatles revolutionized the way music is recorded with that seminal album, Kiyosaki did the same for financial independence with his Rich Dad Poor Dad book.  It’s filled with unconventional and interesting advice such as “Savers are losers” and “the rich don’t work for money”.  And like Sergeant Pepper, the book is still important and revolutionary today. Read the Moneyman Review and learn 4 Big Insights from this masterpiece that can help you on your Financial Independence journey.  

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